1. (suction) board type

To lead: hands just below the shoulder support floor, feet toes point, the whole body into a straight line.

Said: this action in the traditional ha he class is often do, also can call “oblique plate”. In the traditional class to adhere to a certain period of time, generally to 6-8 breathing for a complete exercise. But in the course of flow. The action is a connecting link between the preceding and the transition type, so the a action is completed, direct suction at the same time, finished a plank type, then exhale for next step of elbow flexion.

2. (breath) elbow movement

To get: still hands and feet four points with the ground, exhale and elbow flexion, the body down close to the floor, but not to. Two cubits in the body to the side of the body.

Ming said: we are familiar with similar push ups. On the strength of the upper arm. Junior students do not have to be able to do the right place, two elbow flexion to 1/4 or 1/2 to the point where you can not support the body weight, you can do according to their own physical condition. If the arm is too weak, can also make the body prone pad, while keeping the elbow to the body.

If you insist on a day to practice, generally in the two months or so can be done very well in place. Not only in a 75 minute flow yoga complete all Vinyasa elbow flexion (about fifty or sixty), can also be pleasantly surprised to discover, arm has been developed clear triceps. Women don’t worry, it’s a band of muscle, not massive. So the upper arm will seem very tight, not fat.

3. (breathing) on the dog type

Collar: suction at the same time, feet toes pushes the body forward, to slide until the upper part of the body perpendicular to the floor, spine to the top of the head to the force on the stretch. Keep your legs off the mat.

Description: if the dog, you know this pose much like dogs in to the stretching of the posture, that is why it is called “dog”. In doing so, it is necessary to fully understand the spine and back stretch up feeling, like the head to touch plate. At the same time, the buttocks are to the sink, so that the legs close to the floor but not next to.

This action also on the arm there is considerable, but because the arm is vertical to the floor, so than the flexion of elbow to easy to do some. Arm particularly weak, can still keep the legs on the floor.