Do you like yoga? Do you want to buy a yoga mat? Yoga mats are very essential to those individuals who practice yoga. They help you to execute different moves and postures that you will perform throughout the session. Yoga practitioners and students should consider not only the durability and the quality of the mat, but also the components being used that may be harmful to the environment.

One type of eco yoga mat consists exclusively of plant-based materials like all-natural rubber and/or jute fiber. Although the smell might be unpleasant, it won’t cause damage to your lungs. These types of materials are toxin free. They contains no chemical additives. It is excellent for any consistent practice of Yoga. And natural rubber yoga mat underside grips the floor even in a heavy sweat. It is a highly durable, tactile, machine washable, recyclable and a pleasantly natural surface to practice on. It also wears well and does not peel or flake with continuous use. These mats are good for both beginners and experienced students.

One type of eco yoga mats are foam mats. Although they are not recyclable, they are extremely durable and are typically free from phytlates, latex and heavy metal.

screen printing PVC yoga mat

Under such circumstances, in order to keep your consciousness clean, you’d be better off considering a yoga mat that is bio-degradable once you no longer use it. The eco-friendly Pilates mat is at present the greenest option readily available for those that want to practice on a sticky mat.

One consideration of a rubber mat, however is the inclusion of latex. For latex allergy sufferers, you must check the ingredients of the rubber mat.

Unfortunately, most of the environment friendly materials or products are more expensive than the others. Eco yoga mats are usually pricier than PVC yoga mats. However, you will find foam mats in many colors and around $20.

Though environmentally friendly mats usually cost more, eco yoga mats are built to be durable and of high quality so you can be sure you’re getting the most out of your money. Cheap mats will just cost your health. In this case, the best mat is an eco yoga mat. Yet, you can still avail discounted products on some fitness stores or yoga gyms to minimize expenses. It would always be the best to consider your health than your budget.

Choosing the right eco yoga mat will make your day-to-day yoga sessions much more relaxing and satisfying. To learn more about eco yoga mats, visit us at buy-yoga and read more for free.