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Solid EVA Yoga Roller

The main two reasons why you should use yoga roller:

  • Reduce injuries. Warming up with a foam roller, can greatly reduce the severity and likelihood of injury. It will activate the muscles and begin to pump blood through.
  • Decrease recovery times. Using it after exercising will mimic a deep tissue massage. This has two benefits. Improved blood flow, which helps carry nutrients and oxygen to the muscles and the removal of toxins.
Material:  EVA
MOQ:  500pcs
Color:  Custom
Size:  33*14cm or custom
Use:  Foam rollers for muscles
Package:  shrink film and carton, 10pcs/carton
Certification Available:  ROHS /REACH /PAHS/PHTHALATES
Advantage:  Eco-friendly, Water-proof, Non-slipping, Non-toxic, Comfortable

solid EVA yoga roller

various yoga rollers

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