How to use care and clean a yoga ball

//How to use care and clean a yoga ball

How to use, care and clean a yoga ball?

How to use a yoga ball:

Usually, yoga ball will be equipped with one or more inflatable equipment. Inflate the yoga ball, like inflating a basketball or bike tire, according to the size of the yoga ball. If the gas is too much, you can release some to adjust the ball hardness, which is mainly based on the needs of practitioners.

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The specific steps are as follows.

1, Unfold the yoga ball at first when you get the ball, find the “white gas plug” on the ball and pull it down.

2, then put the gas pin of air pump into the gas hole of yoga ball, then pump directly on it.

3, when you feel the yoga ball is OK during the process of pumping up, you can beat it by hand, if it makes a sound of Bang Bang, then it’s almost OK. If you don’t like the yoga ball too hard, you can release some gas out and make it soft.

4, Insert the gas plug quickly back to the gas hole of the yoga ball. Then the yoga ball can be used normally.

5, when you’re done with yoga ball exercise and find it takes too much room, you can pull the gas plug out of yoga ball.  The gas will release quickly and you can use an air pump to exhaust all the air. Then you can roll it up for next use.

Precautions for the use of a yoga ball:

Wear tight clothing when you exercise with a yoga ball, as your body will contact the ball frequently during the exercise, loose clothes will make your movement uncomfortable. You’d better choose shoes with anti-skid sole, of course, it bases on the floor condition of the fitness center. In addition, you should prepare water and towel for the yoga ball exercise. Take enough water at the right time.

Notice for yoga ball storage and cleaning:

Due to the shape of yoga ball, its storage has become a problem for many gyms. One method is to run out the gas immediately after usage, then put it back to the original box and don’t put it in a hot place.

Another way is buy a net, and then put the yoga balls in the net. The best way for a gym is to install a parallel bar about 40cm away from the wall and put all the yoga balls upon it. So the balls won’t take up space.

When cleaning the yoga ball, use water or soapy water to clean the surface of the ball, do not use chemical solvents, it will destroy the surface of the ball. For the sake of comfort and cleaning of the practitioner, the yoga ball should be regularly cleaned as the surface is often in contact with the floor. In order to extend the service life of yoga ball, should keep the floor clean, remove all sharp objects.

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